Dev Application Ticket #13047858 since ca. 4 Weeks pending!


Hi Twitter.

The Twitter Support Ticket #13047858 for reactivating the Suspended application is since ca. 4 Weeks pending.

After fixing a Software Error Exception Handling Bug in my Application caused by receiving unexpected Internet Data from the API
and confirming in the Email Reply that i have Read and Understand the Twitter Rules and Policies including asking for more Information about the Reason for the first ever Suspension of the Application is since ca. 4 Weeks pending without getting any Reply’s or Answers.

As i did not get any Email about any aggressive Following i am thinking what the Problem could be. In the Email there was absolute no mention what the reason could be for the first time Suspension of the Application. The one Software Error Exception Bug for handling unexpected API Data was fixed by me now since several weeks ago. Also i have updated the Privacy Policy Information for the Twitter Application.

I am asking me also if something really bad went wrong on the Twitter side itself as several days before the Suspension of the Application lot of People had big Problems with her Twitter Accounts the same way People here on the Twitter Complain also about it mostly because of false flagging her Accounts for reasons like following a few People per day or writing a Tweet.

I would greatly appreciate a lift in the account and API suspension including the review of my Ticket Answers and providing more Information what needed to be further fixed if needed.

Looking forward to your Reply’s and Action.
Greetings Romeo