Determine Events With Active Pixel



What is the best way through the api to determine if an account has a pixel setup to track a specific event? I thought it would be through getting the accounts web_event_tags and looking at the status. But I see “TRACKING” for status of many tags when I know the pixel was never setup to track those events.


Hi @jpwinans,

Can you give me the ads account and tag IDs so I can look them up in the backend?


account: 18ce54glvsr
tag_ids: nxcp8 / nxcpa / nxcpb

Those are a few examples of tags that weren’t explicitly setup with the pixel code on the site, but the status says “TRACKING”


This is the image from what shows up in the admin:


I notice that the account has “The Universal Pixel” event setup. Does Universal Pixel set all events as TRACKING? That could be it.


Due to the way the legacy “Tracking” status was setup for single event tags. If the tag ID is seen in logs, we mark it as tracking. Since UWT is all based off the same ID, then it will say all UWT based events are tracking if firing somewhere. Thanks for the information, we do have this on our radar to make UWT tracking more granular.


Thanks, @goforbrent. We’ll make note of it and try to handle another way.