Detecting spammy aplications, not possible without support ticket?


Detecting spammy aplications that has fake name and/or URLs.

We have a Twitter application that is used nearly 10k users daily.
We’re absolutely sure that we don’t send tweets and RTs.
Every day we get emails like this:

I used your application and you send tweets, make RTs without my permission.
Please stop. This started after using your application.

So when we get these emails we check user’s timeline. We check tweet sources.
For example, for spammy retweets we see that sources are like this:
“Twitter for Windows” and URL is “

It’s impossible for Twitter for Windows to make spammy retweets. So it means that it’s an application that has a fake name and fake URL.

So when user check his/her twitter applications from Twitter settings, user can’t know the spammy application. Because user only see “Twitter for Windows” application and our application. So user blames our application for spammy content.

In this case, user should apply for a support ticket and try to understand the cause.
But even after support user doesn’t know the spammy website’s name and URL.

So isn’t there a solution to understand spammy applications that is registered with fake name and/or URLs ?


When we checked one of our visitor’s timeline we saw that too many tweets from

Twitter for Windows

and application URL is

After trying to signin with too many applications we found out that application is this:

If you click “Sign in with Twitter” you will see that signin page says that application name is “Twitter for Windows” which is absolutely fake. URL is, also fake.

In these cases we were reporting these issues to api rules support. But we can’t try every application to know which is the spammer.


Another spammy application name is

Mobile Webs

it says that URL is

But I couldn’t find the website that looks like twitter mobile web application.

Also our visitors can’t find spammy applications from its fake name and fake URL.

Isn’t there a solution for this ?


Similar spammy sites that we found by clicking every application: name: TweetDeck URL: name: LOVE | FOR APPLE URL: name: KimlerBakmisOrg URL: name: Hayranlarını Gör URL : name: TurkcelI Nar Kampanyasi (name is absolutely fake)


Hi @eksigundem, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We work to maintain a safe and healthy platform for our users and our team will look into these apps and follow up as needed. If in the future you encounter other suspicious applications, please don’t hesitate us directly at


Thank you.
We get complaint emails every day and we can’t consult our visitors with proper information.
I hope there will be an improvement in application detection in near future.


Sending support forms is an option, but sending a form for each of the application is exhausting.
So I paste the spammy ones here. analyze them if you want.

URL --------------------------------- Name ------------------------ Shown address ------------- Google Translate v2 ------- ww TweetDeck ------------------ ------------ ManageFiltter -------------- Facebook v2.5 ------------- ------------Login Twitter Without Account ---- ---------- fooblaSocialSubmit2 ------ -----------TT v36 ----------------------- ww ---- twitcle ------------------------