Detect A Retweet


According to Twitter we need to indicate when a Tweet is a Retweet in the Display Requirements. However, I can’t see an obvious way to detect whether a tweet is a retweet from the data returned using the API v1.1 - how can I abide by the rules if I don’t have necessary data?

Yes there is a Retweeted field that is returned but this indicated whether the logged in user has retweeted the Tweet and is therefore not suitable.

Closely linked to this - is there a way when using getting data from Twitter to not actually get retweets?


Retweets are tweets that contain a child “retweeted_status” node that itself contains the original tweet. Look for the child retweeted_status node to know when the outer tweet is a retweet of the inner tweet.


Thanks for the reply.
So do we (the developers) have permission to use the Retweeted icon. I mean the one that indicates the Tweet is a Retweet rather than the action to retweet i.e. the icon in the rectangular box???

I ask as it isn’t available on this page: