Details about Versioning


I read the twitter blog page about versioning.

I am getting auth errors when trying to use the V1 path for backwards compatible calls such as the POST call for campaign creation.

After V0 is deprecated in late June, should I continue to use /0/ for backwards compatible calls? Or, should I use the V1 path (/1/) for every call in the API?


I think is better if you share your problem showing us your call and the errora


This was due to an error in my code. I was setting content type to “application/json” for all requests instead of just the new batch ones.

For POST requests to non-batch endpoints in the V0 API that use body parameters, it seems like the content type should always be “application/x-www-form-urlencoded”

So, it appears that it was that mismatch that was causing the 401 Auth Error, as the OAuth signature wasn’t being generated correctly for non-batch api endpoints.


@chris_august7 Including a twurl would help your case and expedite a response from the Twitter folks.