Details about authentication processus with OAuth1



I’m trying to perform an authentication but I don’t really understand what’s the aim of the access_token I generated in my application control pannel.
From what I understood, the process is this one :

  • Getting request token from the API
  • Thanks to this token, getting an access_token
  • Thanks to the access_token, getting the session

I’m trying to perform this in Python from the rauth library. The trouble is that in almost all of the tutorial I saw, they never use the “access_token” generated from the control pannel. The process is always :

  • Getting request_token
  • Getting PIN
  • Sending PIN, getting access_token
  • Getting the session

The thing is that I have 2 constraints. The first one is that I have to stay generic in my code so I can’t use twitter libraries who can do the job for me. The second one is that I can’t use PIN identification, everything have to be automated.

So here’s my question, how to perform an authentication without PIN, using Oauth ? And why everybody is getting request_token when you can get access_token from the administration pannel of your application ?

Thanks !