Design requirements


Hi twitter Dev team and everyone else,
I am currently looking through for information on how i am supposed to display tweets and timelines. We are basing this on a website and we would like to customize the look-and-feel in order to apply it better for our website.

The requirements are that we just want to show tweets, not post anything. The requests that we will send would only be GET requests as we dont want to set any data at twitter. The user would only see predefined tweeters and links to that persons timeline, where everything would work as usual.

My question is however about what i actually must show in the tweet, more than user name, @-nickname, timestamp, tweet text, and avatar.
Do i have to show the ‘verified’-symbol, functions (like reply, retweet, favourite, follow, etc.)?

I’ve noticed at that the function-section is only visible upon hover or expanded tweet which kinda violates what’s being written in the display requirement (“Reply, Retweet, and Favorite action icons must always be visible for the user to interact with the Tweet”). What exactly is the requirement?

When/if i add the functions to each tweet, does this have to trigger the exact function, or could it merely be a link to that specific tweet where the user can use the function on instead?

And lastly, since I would prefferebly just get information rather than post information, is it possible to limit the scope of use to just GET items?

A lot of questions, but i feel it’s imortant to clarify to avoid misunderstandings from my side.

Thanks a thousand times,