Description Entities followers/list missing hashtags & users


Performing a call to with include_user_entities=true.
I get back a list of users. The entities->description contains data for the urls in the description - but not hashtags or users.

For example, let’s say the user has a description of

I #love @twitterapi check out

I would expect the description entities to incule @twitterapi and #love - it does not. Only the URL is returned.


Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, this would make some sense. I’m a fan of consistency where we can provide it.

Right now the docs state that include_user_entities will cause the user entities node to be included (actually it is really badly-worded as of now; plus, the example no longer works as the account it uses is dead… eek! I’ll go fix those issues!). The docs don’t make any comment about what specifically that node will include. I’m not sure we have plans to change this in the short term, but definitely take on board your comment.