Derived metrics in V1.0 for campaign objective


With derived metrics gone, just to confirm if my understanding is right, because I sort by campaign objective. For example, APP_ENGAGEMENTS were previously sum of the

["promoted_tweet_app_install_attempts", "promoted_tweet_app_open_attempts", "promoted_tweet_timeline_url_clicks", "promoted_tweet_search_url_clicks"]

following the V0 - V1.0 mappings, it seems it flattens to

["app_clicks", "url_cicks"]

that means, for this objective it is still derived though, because it is a sum between these two?


url_clicks includes promoted_tweet_profile_url_clicks too.

For me, app engagements is only app_clicks.


Strange, if you go to and look upon the APP_ENGAGEMENTS, it says {App Clicks} and then 4 of the metrics I mention, with 2 of them resolving in url_clicks, which I thought is different from app_clicks.

Similar strangeness is for objective TWEET_ENGAGEMENTS, which resolves to

['follows', 'engagements']

from V0

"promoted_account_follows", "promoted_tweet_search_engagements", "promoted_tweet_timeline_engagements", "promoted_tweet_profile_engagements"]


Indeed… Maybe they have modified the formula, because in v0 some of the metrics’ values did not correspond to what was displayed in the UI, and now they say they solved this, so maybe this is the reason.


@majoritasdev what I can see for now by comparing the data coming through is that TWEET_ENGAGEMENTS is engagements now and I presume APP_ENGAGEMENTS and APP_INSTALLS are app_clicks.


The app clicks is intended to measure “the number of clicks which could possibly initiate either an install or open of the app”, so I would expect it to continue to measure the same thing in v1 but just with a pre-computed metric. There were a few things v0 was exposing that v1 is not anymore, but I don’t recall off the top of my head that app_clicks has any difference.

The replacement for the Derived Metrics page is intended to be this one: and we want the formulas for displaying metrics you rely upon to be listed there, so feel free to let us know if that page is not sufficient for answering these questions.


@JBabichJapan this page is very useful, thanks for clarification and pointing this out!


@JBabichJapan Extending a little further than your definition, can we then infer the following derived metric:

app_engagements (derived) = app_clicks - mobile_conversion_installs

Let me know your thoughts.


I don’t think that’s valid because mobile_conversion_installs can be coming from MACT partner based upon window of time (“app event tag” window, how long do they agree that Twitter can claim attribution for someone seeing or clicking an ad), where app_clicks is not based upon any window and is more of a direct engagement calculation.