“derived” attribute of Twitter User object available in which APIs?



Can anyone please share the information that “derived” attribute of Twitter User object is available in which API(s).

Referring to another thread where it is mentioned that it is only available in enterprise API.



As well as the enterprise APIs, the profile geo enrichment is also available in the paid tiers for premium search.


Thanks, @andypiper. I’ll check with premium search paid API.


I tried with paid tier of premium search API in R and python but user object does not return derived entity.
Is there different way to retrieve derived entity?


I’ve just tried this against the 30-day search endpoint and a regular httpie call and I can see the user:derived:locations value in the JSON response. There should be no additional steps here. Note that the profile geo enrichment cannot provide extended or enriched data if there is no actual location to report. For example, a search for Tweets from:Twitter (profile location “Everywhere”) returns no additional derived data; but from:andypiper (with a set profile location) does return the enrichment. There’s no magical way to get information about a user’s location from users that choose not to share that data.

Read more about the profile geo enrichment and the context in which the derived data will appear.


I am able to get a place object under user using twython. However, it gives for only tweets which are location enabled. Does it work only for the tweets which are location enabled and mentioned location in tweets?


Yes. Unless a user has explicitly added a location in their Tweet, there is no record of a location, and the API would never share anything that the user has not explicitly added.


Thanks, @andypiper for clarifying it. I wanted to make sure this does provide only for location enabled tweets.


Tweets but more specifically, profiles. I have a location listed on my profile so the profile geo enrichment extends that. If I said “the Moon” in my location on my profile then there is no meaningful data to add to the Tweet object.


Yes, true. However, I have a location listed in my profile but did not enable location in the privacy settings. Does user object provide “place” or “coordinates” of profile?