Deprecation of User Streams/Site Streams postponed?


Hi guys,

The whole is still stating, that on June 19, 2018 User Streams / Site Streams will be deprecated.

Here, it’s stated differently:

The Account Activity API will replace the User streams and Site streams APIs. We plan to launch a generally available Account Activity API and provide at least 90 days of access prior to deprecating User streams and Site streams.

This also matches the following tweet by @twittdev account:

Last year we announced our plan to retire Site Streams & User Streams, and replace them with the Account Activity API (currently in beta). We are delaying the scheduled June 19th deprecation date.

So, can you confirm, that

a) on June 19, 2018, only the old Direct Message endpoints will be deprecated,
b) there will not be any changes regarding the streams?

Thanks for clarification,



That’s correct, and I’ll update the header to reflect this when I have more information to share on replacement dates for the User Streams and Site Streams APIs. However, you should still plan to migrate away from them in the coming months.


Thanks for the quick reply Andy!