Deprecation of account/update_profile_colors


Hi everyone

As part of some changes and cleanup of the REST API, we’re planning to remove the account/update_profile_colors endpoint in the near future. Many of the settings that this endpoint provided access to are no longer used in the latest iteration of the Twitter web profile.

Of course, we recognise that some applications would still like to be able to programmatically tweak the colors used in profile links! We’ve chosen to move this functionality into the account/update_profile endpoint as a new parameter, which we believe is more consistent with other profile updates. This change is live already - you can pass in the parameter profile_link_color=[RGBhex] to cause the colors used in profile links to be updated.

If your application does make use of account/update_profile_colors we’d recommend moving to the new API endpoint in the next month or so for updating link colors, before the previous endpoint is removed.