Deprecation notice on gallery/photo/product is too small


I implemented the product card only finding out they dont work, the deprecation notice is way too small, it needs to be bigger and RED.

It looks like a subtitle now that you easily skim right over.

The way everything is still documented also doesn’t help tell you that this doesn’t work anymore…


Thanks for the feedback and apologies that you were confused.

We currently want to retain the documentation for people who previously implemented those card types, particularly since the pages do state at the very top, in bold, that they were mapped to alternative cards.

I’ve just reviewed the Cards section of the site and don’t see any indication in the main Cards pages that you can or should use those three card types, so again, I’m sorry that you were caught out here, and I hope you can find an appropriate alternative representation for your content.


Thanks for the reply, and no need to apologize.

I understand that the docs cant go for people who previously implemented the cards. But the fact that they are mapped only shows if you visit the ‘Summary card with large image’.

If i were to visit the gallery card through lets say Google:

Then I see nothing about the fact that they are mapped. The way that the cards are displayed in the navigation tree doesn’t help either. I don’t understand how you see no indication that you can’t use them anymore, the only notice is the bold ‘subtitle’.
Making that style=“color:red” would fix it all, but I cant force you :slight_smile: My 2 cents.

Thanks again.