Deprecating the Photo, Gallery and Product Cards


We’ve just announced the forthcoming deprecation of a number of our Cards formats: the Photo, Gallery and Product cards will cease to display and will be replaced with other Card types from July 3, 2015.

See the announcement post for full details of the plans, and feel free to ask questions here in the Cards category. We’re here to help!

Domain whitelisted for summary_large_image card but image not for other type cards


July 6, 2015 Still no change about Cards formats…
Do you have news about that ?


If we’re switching out Twitter product card markup, could we instead use summary card with large image, or can it only be summary card?


summry_large_image was specified, but not the image is displayed in a large size . appearance of summry card . Why not?


You can choose whichever one is most appropriate for your use case.



I’m trying to use a summry_large_image card, on the validation page it looks great, but when I tweet it, it crops the image.
Are there any known issues with using it?


There’s a related thread here - currently the validator doesn’t show an exact preview, and the cards formats are being tweaked - I’m going to close out this announcement thread, please open new ones for new issues.