Deprecating the Photo, Gallery and Product Cards


Twitter Cards enable you to richly represent your content on Twitter and help drive engagement. Over the years we’ve added new Card types, made performance improvements, simplified whitelisting and have a lot more planned for the platform in the future. To make the most of those opportunities, however, we need to focus.

Today, we’re announcing that we’re retiring the Photo, Gallery, and Product Cards. These Cards represent just a small percentage of the total Cards shared on Twitter and we want to pour resources into the ones that are making an impact and into new ideas and products on the horizon. Changes like this are never easy, but we’re committed to building great products for our publishers and users.

Here’s the deal - on July 3, 2015 URLs associated with websites that are marked up for the Photo Card, Gallery Card and Product Card will be automatically mapped to the following Cards:

Photo Card → Summary Card with Large Image
Gallery Card → Summary Card with Large Image
Product Card → Summary Card

If you’re using any of those cards, don’t worry! No immediate action is required on your part. If you want additional control over the transition, however, feel free to update your markup to utilize the Summary Card with Large Image, or the Summary Card. We have big plans for Cards and you should expect to hear more soon!

Todd Sherman
Product Manager for Twitter Cards

(please visit the Cards category for questions around this announcement)

Deprecating the Photo, Gallery and Product Cards
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