Deletion notice no longer sent in user stream for tweets from users that aren't followed


I’m currently in the progress of working on some old code that used to work with v1.0, to make it compatible with v1.1. The main thing I do in my code is take information from incoming tweets on the user stream of my app’s twitter account. However, as recommended by your guidelines, I want to honour a user’s wish to delete that information when they delete their tweet. I’ve noticed that since v1.1 I don’t receive deletion notifications when a user deletes their tweet, unless they are being followed by my app’s twitter account.

In other words, if I’m mentioned in a tweet sent by a user I don’t follow, the tweet will appear in my user stream, but when they delete the tweet the deletion notification won’t appear in my user stream.

Firstly I want some clarification that this is the correct behaviour because I haven’t been able to find this particular difference between 1.0 and 1.1 documented anywhere. Secondly, is there anyway I can receive deletion notifications for mentions without following the user?





Any updates on this? I’m performing some tests with twitter4j and noticed the same behavior, i.e. no alerts when a tweet is deleted.



Thank you for your patience. We will try to investigate this issue soon and report back.


2 years later, I am still having this issue, no deletion notices in the streams I open.

Any updates???