Deleting Twitter Cards


I’m trying to ensure Twitter cards are disabled for my site. Is there a timeframe of which Twitter reflects the change? I enabled cards through a Wordpress plugin (Yoast) and removed the meta data when I changed my mind. However, when I validate the card for this URL:

It still says it reads 19 meta tags. I checked my page source and couldn’t find any twitter card-related meta in it. Am I doing something wrong, or does it take time to reflect the changes I made and will it be retroactive or do I need to delete the tweets altogether?


The validator is detecting all of the other meta tags (og: and article:) to count up to 19 available tags. I agree that you don’t have any twitter:card tags in that page.

The cards crawler may take around 7 days to update the cached card image.


Would that (the 7 day cache) also explain why it still propagates a summary when I create a new Tweet with a link now after taking out the meta data?