Deleting tweets with php api


I’m using php api library which supports REST API 1.1.
I have deleted some of my tweets by using api. It works fine.
However in my iPhone( ios6.1 ),

Tweets are deleted only on ‘me’ tab, but it seems like they still remain on ‘home’(feed) tab. Followers can see these tweets, but these tweets are actually deleted. Followers are impossible to retweet, add these tweets to favorite and copy links of these.
( It seems like tweets are added to their favorite in news feed, but actually they cannot find the tweets on their favorites. However, They can email the tweets.)
The only way for me and other followers to clean these deleted (but shown) posts is sign-out and in again.
It’s awful. I can do that but I cannot ask other followers to do the same thing not to see my deleted tweets.

The most strange thing is, If I deleted my tweet manually( not deleting by API), it is deleted perfectly on ‘me’ tab and ‘home’ tab at the same time.

These things happen not only on iOS Twitter app but also mobile pages.( not on computer web browsers )

Is there any way to delete tweets perfectly(delete tweets on feed page as well) by using API?
Whats the difference between using api and deleting manually.