Deleted followers, following, photos and tweets?! At my wits end


I logged into my twitter account (which is used for my business) to find Twitter had deleted and blocked all of my followers, deleted my tweets, photos and bio information? I have no emails or alerts to say the account was suspended. I have raised over five forms/tickets and tweeted @support over five times. I have tried calling the US number (I’m in the UK) to be led through an automated message that doesn’t help. I am at my wits end having lost all clients messages, information and contacts. It’s been nearly a week and I don’t know what to do. Also, twitter replied to my ticket once and said the account wasn’t suspended and it has now been re-stored. But it hasn’t, it’s exactly the same!!! The email was also sent to my personal email (which is linked to my different personal account - not the business account I’m having issues with!).

I’ve tried everything - can anyone please help???