Deleted applications



Whilst debugging why OAuth was not working for my application (it turns out, even if you override the callback_url, you need to provide one otherwise twitter seems to default to the PIN method) - I figured I’d delete my application.

Now, the application does not exist anymore but twitter says “Name already taken.”

Which is a shame, as had I know I would have gone with a random name rather than the actual app. name I was intending to use whilst developing.

Are the names of deleted application permanently removed from the list of available application names?



When an API key is deleted then the name should immediately be freed for re-usage. It’s possible that in the interim between deletion and attempted re-registration someone else has registered an API key with the same name. If you would like to see if it is possible to retrieve this name for your usage, please email our API Policy team at and we can assist you further in this request. Hope this helps.


How to retrieve existing key and secret which already given in the past? i reapplied but it stated that the name is already taken which was me. I did not save the key info as backup so no way of knowing the original key and secret