Deleted all Apps and now i'm under review


Hi there,

I just deleted all my apps from my developer portal and now it says my account is under approval review.
Is this correct? How much time i have to wait?

Thank you


Hi @pablocloud - a few months ago, you submitted an application for a developer account. However, you never responded to our follow up email (where we ask for more information about your use case) which we sent on 2/7/2018. Your application is therefore still under review. You need an approved developer account to create new apps.

Please respond to the follow-up email in as much detail as possible (it may have ended up in your Junk or Spam folders), in order for your application to proceed.


It ended up i’m my spam folder somehow, sorry for the delay, just replied.

Thank you


Thanks - our team will be in touch shortly. Please be on the lookout for an email from us (check your Spam and Junk folders!)