Delete DM message API does not work


Delete a DM message using Rest API “” API with proper message id does not actually delete the DM message from Twitter even though the return code is 200 and return message is exactly match what is in the API example. It works before for many years, just happens lately, please verify it, Thanks, Tom.


Does anyone verify this API? It won’t work for me, BTW, how do I report a bug to Twitter?


I just tried out direct_messages/destroy and it worked fine for me. Note that you can only delete direct messages of which you are the recipient, and your app will need Direct Messages permission (RWD).

Perhaps you can post steps which can be used to reproduce the problems you’re seeing? Like (1) create a test account; (2) follow main account from test account; (3) send DM from main account to test account; (4) use direct_messages to retrieve list of incoming DMs on test account; (5) now use direct_messages/destroy to delete the message just retrieved; (6) now use direct_messages and see the message still in the list.

Like I said, everything looks fine to me and it works as expected. If you can give me a step-by-step of what’s not working for you I’ll see if I can reproduce it here.


Thanks a lot, it works now. Tom.


Good to hear!

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