Delayed tweets in Steam API


Hi all,
I used Stream ApI for a while (1.5 years ).
in the last month the tweets arriving from the stream api in extremely delay (10-30 minuets ).
I tired to understood what is the reason for that , add some logs while I open the connection with the api , and while I reset the connection ,and I didn’t found anything that can explain this delay.

any one have any idea what can cause delay like that in stream api ?


Couple of questions on this:

  • is this the standard stream (statuses/filter) endpoint, user streams, or site streams?
  • where geographically is your host located? there has been a bit of unavoidable network performance slowdown effort in parts of the EU, so I wondered if that may relate to what you are reporting.


1)basically I have spreadsheet file with relevant twitter account I want to get tweets (the file has user name &ID)
than I parse the tweets, some thing like that :
TweeterStream.AddFollow(userAccount.Id.Value, HandleTweet); (c#)
2) Located in USA (AWS North Virginia )