Delayed display of localized strings in Twitter's web UI


Ever since #NewNewTwitter came alive, I’ve observerd this strange behavior on Twitter/Web:

I always keep Twitter/Web’s “Connect” tab open as to timely notice me about any interaction on my tweets.

Almost always, when new interactions arrive, there’s a new div on top of the list, notifying me that new tweets arrived within that view. The strange thing is… this div mostly is displayed as an empty container, whithout any text in it.

Some time later (from 30 seconds to several minutes), this “new tweets” div gets populated with the expected localized entry (e.g. “X new tweets”).

This lack of localized text within the “new tweets” div is happening more often than not since #NewNewTwitter.


Thanks for the report, unfortunately we won’t be able to help in this forum. Please report this issue to