Delay when showing a TWTRComposer


Hey there,

The first time a TWTRComposer is shown, there’s about a 1-2 second delay after the user taps a button and the composer appears.

Here’s the code, it’s super simple:
let composer = TWTRComposer()
composer.showFromViewController(self, completion: self.standardComposerWasDismissed)

After it’s been shown once, the composer appears instantly each subsequent time.

Is there any way to remove this delay? I’ve tried creating both a TWTRComposer and a TWTRComposerViewController well before they’re actually added to the parent UIViewController, but neither seem to speed up the first display of the composer. Is there something that the composer is loading that I can preload or something?



Bump - can anyone from Twitter help me with this?


Hey @oliebol,

I haven’t been able to reproduce a 2 second delay on first launch of TWTRComposer locally. Would you be willing to share more of your project or code on how your UIViewController is configured?



Did you get anywhere on this? Im having the same issue.


Nope, haven’t got to the bottom of it - my next step was going to be creating a totally empty project and just adding a composer to make sure that it was just a general issue and not something to do with my code. Haven’t got around to that yet though.

Actually, I’ve pretty much decided I’m going to have to create my own composer, since the Fabric one is generally pretty lacking. There’s the speed issue, the fact that you can’t restrict it to just the current account (very confusing in my app), the fact that it doesn’t handle replies, that it doesn’t handle quote tweets (particularly well) etc etc. I had to eventually write my own TweetCard for similar reasons.


Thanks for the additional feedback @oliebol, you definitely can go with that approach and I’ll share this feedback internally.

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