Delay in checking user follow status



When checking if a user follows another user, we’re experiencing delays of 20 minutes+. Example:

  • John goes to Betty’s twitter profile at 12:00pm.
  • At 12:01pm, we run a friendships/show with Betty as the Source and John as the Target (or vice versa)
  • Expected behavior: John is shown as following Betty
  • Actual behavior: John is shown as NOT following Betty

We’re NOT trying to get a full list of followers/following, just trying to compare a single user versus a single user to check if they follow already.

The same situation also happens when someone unfollows - the API shows they still follow for an extended period (sometimes hours)

I have tried these API endpoints with all the same delayed results:

  • friendships/show.json
  • friendships/lookup.json
  • friends/ids.json

API status page won’t load for me today, but had no warnings yesterday:
Nothing in the docs regarding a delay, and we’ve never experienced delays before:


This morning the first one I checked happened instantly. The next 2 had delays of 20 minutes. Now it’s happening instantly on a few I checked.

The reason this is a big deal, is because I’m asking users to follow, then checking if they do after that. So if they follow a call to action, it will tell them they don’t follow yet.


I have tested multiple times today and it appears this has been fixed. It would be nice to get some acknowledgement from a rep that this was an actual issue, especially considering the whole API status page isn’t even loading? I tried multiple networks and devices:

Or is the API not supposed to be real time?



Can I please get an update on this? We haven’t encountered any other issues (that we know of). But since there’s no notification or anything like that, it’s possible it happened and we simply weren’t aware and never will be made aware.

To be honest this is unacceptable from a company like Twitter that wants to foster an open developer ecosystem.

Just a warning to other devs that may want to use this feature.