Definitions of funding instrument exhausted and/or expired


We want to hide funding instruments that are exhausted and expired in our UI, so that users can’t select them
for new campaigns.

Can we safely assume that:

  1. Exhausted is defined as funded_amount_local_micro > credit_remaining_local_micro
  2. Expired is defined as end_time < now.
  3. If end_time is NULL, a funding instrument cannot, by definition, expire.

For the time being, I think we can key off the able_to_fund flag, that appears to be new with API Version 1.0


Hey @chris_august7

Just wanted to point out that our GET funding_instruments endpoint does have a able_to_fund flag as well as a reasons_not_able_to_fund array that should get you the data you’re looking for. Can you take a look at this endpoint and let us know if it’s sufficient for your use case?



Thanks @imit8me … I found those new fields after I posted the question. The able_to_fund flag is sufficient for the use case I’m working on now.


Awesome, great to hear! Please consider marking this thread as resolved.