Definition of a "traditional Twitter client applications" as mentioned in the FAQ, wrt Token limitation


Apologies on beforehand if I’m asking something very obvious, but I can’t seem to find a clear definition here.
We’re developing a web-service for twitter users to allow easier sharing of certain content. Nothing illegal or offensive or anything like that, just some useful information. For this we need users to log in on the system using their twitter credentials.

We don’t need to see who they’re following, nor do we need to see who follows them.
We don’t need to see their timeline.
The service is not intended to send any typed kind of tweet on their behalf, other than one standard tweet that we compose.
Nor is the service intended for the user to be able to see their own timeline, mentions or DM’s.
There is no mobile application, nor is the service used for reading and sending tweets by the user or looking-up twitter information of other users.

All we need is to authenticate a user as a user of the service and send a tweet on behalf of them if they request us to do so. This might sound a bit vague but i’m hesitant to disclose our full idea publicly here at this time.

Is this something that qualifies as a “traditional Twitter client applications”?
Does the 100k token limit apply to a service like this? If not, which limit does apply here? (1 million?)

Thanks for (preferably) anyone from Twitter clarifying this.



In my understanding of the terms of service, your application would not fall under the qualification of a third-party “traditional” Twitter Client experience. You’ll want to talk to Twitter’s platform operations team ( ) if/when you’re getting near a million tokens.


Dear Taylor,
Thank you for your quick reply! That is good news.

Kind regards,


Hi Taylor,

What is the absolute deadline for twitter display requirements and whats the process if you’re app does fall under a third-party “traditional” Twitter Client experience? Finally, on the above URL to the Platform Operations Team, I don’t see any option if you have exceeded a million tokens.


If you’re not operating an app according to display requirements at this time, then you’re already out of compliance. The deadline is perpetual.

For topics not covered by the options available on the form, use the “I have an API policy question not covered by these points” option.


Understood. Not sure why I thought everything became “from this point forward”-ish with the API 1.1. Getting this taken care of asap.