Define Image Display crop



I like to play with the different display sizes of images on twitter, to earn more interaction with a tweet.
Created some templates, but the cropped display in stream of some of them, do not crop from the center and therefore break the wanted experience.
Is there a way to force cropping from the middle center (or other positions)?
Not have an algorithm finding the hotspot (or face) inside the media to display crop size content in stream.


Image cropping (for display) is managed by our own algorithms, and I’m not aware of any way to manipulate that from an API perspective.


Is there still no way to crop the image specific position?
I also want to have this feature.
In Japan, four-panel cartoon is quite common and they want to show the first panel as a preview.
But twitter cropping algorithms often shows third or fourth that is the punch line.

If there is no feature for it yet, at least is there a kind of feature request poll or something like that?
I think there are a good number of people who want the feature.

I’m grateful if you consider the implementing the feature.



You’re asking about a feature that is primarily a client-side issue i.e. how the image is cropped to appear in the Twitter app. As these forums are for developers using the API, we are unable to help with this kind of question. The decision as to how the image is displayed is taken by the platform and the web or mobile app and the algorithm is internal.

There are no plans that I’m aware of to make this configurable from the perspective of the developer platform.

Closing as a client-side issue that we cannot assist with further in these forums.