Deep links do not open, instead image expands


Clicking card image expands image. In validator, it opens the underlying link.

I would prefer it work as it does in validator, but live on Twitter I get the expanded image only and the user is forced to hit the shortened link to proceed to the site.


We’re not really able to help unless you are able to share a URL with the relevant markup, and a link to an example Tweet. I’m unable to reproduce this with my own sites.


Understood. I think…

Example tweet is here:

Not sure where I find the markup you need.


That should open here


The reason you’re seeing this behaviour is that the Tweet has an image attached. You do not need to separately attach an image if a URL has a card attached to it. Simply posting your URL in a Tweet ( will generate the card which clicks through to your site.


Thanks, that fixed it. Odd how Facebook and LinkedIn just overlooked the discrepancy, but it broke Twitter. Problem solved!


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