Dedicated IP and API limits


Really a newbie here… been using various twitter widgets to display recent tweets on many on my clients websites… I have these sites hosted on a shared hosting plan with a dedicated (static) IP… I understand the 150 per hour request limit and I am hitting it very quickly, usually in about 40 minutes… I have changed all my sites to use a cache and have bumped that to 1 hour for testing purposes… so my sites should only be giving me MAX 25 calls per hour…

I had assumed that the static IP would be what twitter is using to record the requests… but I think that is incorrect… an anyone here verify that the static IP is not considered the front facing IP by twitter?

Since I have taken every step that I can to get reduce the calls that my sites use, is there anyway to request a waiver or increase in calls from twitter?

Is there anything that I can do or use that will help me not hit the request limts on my clients sites?



First, make sure you’re building solutions that will last some time – API v1, which you’re likely using if you’re seeing a 150 request per hour rate limit, is deprecated and retiring in March 2013. You’ll need to move on to a OAuth-based implementation and API v1.1.

Authentication is the preferred way to scale your rate limiting. The unauthenticated 150 requests per hour rate limit can get used up pretty fast just by browsing the internet where other Twitter widgets exist.