Declaring fake application name, description and URL


I checked many applications in my network and I found out that following applications use fake application names, fake descriptions and URLs.

When you visit these sites and click “Sign in with Twitter” link you will see that you will be redirected to signin page. I pasted screenshot below.

Signin page claims that application name is “Twitter for Windows”
Description is “Official Twitter for Windows application.”
And URL is “

These applications neither Twitter official applications nor has URL of
These descriptions abuses user.

So I reported this issue with Case #05940590, and I get default information message.
And I checked that these applications still functional.

Do I miss something in this flow ?
Can one register another application as “Official iOS Twitter application” and use Apple’s name ?

Thank you


Dear @andypiper @aaronhoff @isaach @lfcipriani
Is it legal to have an applicationwith the description of "Official Twitter for Windows application."
when application is not official Windows application ?


Thanks for the report, we’ll investigate.


Did you have opportunity to check ?
Thank you.


3,5 months passed and we still came accross problems with same applications.
These applications’ tokens are removed and after some time they create a new application with same behaviour.
Two of the previous websites below.

When you visits these websites and click “Sign in with Twitter”, it redirects you to an application with the name of “TweetDeck”. Of course it’s not Tweetdeck, but it fakes like it.


The most direct route to get non-compliant apps reviewed is to submit them through ‘I’d like to report an application causing spam or abuse’ unfortunately we’re not able to discuss the specific remediation status of third parties with other developers but do note we take all reports very seriously.