Debugging webpage in the in-app-browser



I’ve submitted this question to an other category before, but it was flagged by community as I did not have the proper category. I can’t find a really suitable category, so I’m hoping that it is OK to ask this question here.

Is there any way to debug the in-app-browser Twitter is using? I have a ‘smart banner’ on a webpage, which does not function properly.

What it should do:

  • user opens link
  • user sees smart banner
  • user clicks smart banner
    — user has app > open app deeplink
    — user does not have app > open Google Play so user can install app

What happens:

  • user opens link
  • user sees smart banner
    ---- user has app > user is redirected to Google Play

This works perfect in browsers / other in app browsers, but not in Twitters browser. Is there anyway I can debug this behavior so I can try to fix this issue?