Dealing with TWTRTweetView in iOS7



I got this bug on iOS7:

Auto layout still required after executing -layoutsubviews TWTRTweetView. TWTRTweetView implementation of -layoutsubviews needs to call super.

I ended up being able to fix it by creating a category of TWTRTweetView that has a method called superLayoutSubviews that solely calls [super layoutSubviews]. I then created a subclass that overrides TWTRTweetView’s layoutSubviews which calls [super layoutSubviews] and [self superLayoutSubViews] if I’m on iOS 7.

I feel like this is a hack (I know it is). Just letting the dev team at twitter know this happened.

The overall context: I’m embedding a TWTRTweetView in a UITableViewCell. I’m not using TWTRTweetViewTableViewCell for various reasons.


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