Dealing with Photo Entities


I’ve been having trouble with attaching images to my tweets. Just thought I’d bring this up in case I’m approaching it the wrong way.

I started out by trying to attach an image based on a single http:// url pointing to an image file. It was wasn’t working, so I read through this article:

I guess I don’t really understand why I need to provide all this information when I just simply want Twitter to take the Url I’ve given it, suck up the file and then include that image as part of the Tweet. But, perhaps I’m approaching this the wrong way?

Is it normal for a tweeting app to upload images in this way? Or, is it more of a common practice to upload the image to the Twitter account first, and then reference the image from the Twitter account? The photo entity requires a whole lot of information that doesn’t make sense if the photo has not already been uploaded to twitter. For example, why do I need to specify an ID? Presumably the image is located on some server away from Twitter - it won’t have an ID.

To make this clear, I don’t want to upload the images to my Twitter account because I want the images to be dynamically loaded from artists’ pages. If for example the artist updates their Last FM page, I want my tweets to reflect the new image automatically. I don’t want to have to manually monitor each page and know when an image has changed.

If anyone could give me some advice on this, it would be great. Also, an example of how to upload an image as part of a tweet from a url outside Twitter would be great.


No help here?


If you want to link to an image on a third-party website and have it appear inline on Twitter, the server that is hosting the image must support and opt-in to Twitter Cards and the URL you share must lead to a HTML page with the appropriate Twitter Cards markup instructing Twitter how to display that image.

Third party images referenced in tweets will not have media entities attached to them – instead they’ll just be represented as simple link entities. In Twitter’s official applications, those simple link entities will be converted to cards if the third party opts in.


I half understand. So, here’s the basic deal. Is my understanding correct?

In order to be able to tweet actual images (with media entities):

  1. The image must be on some http server
  2. That server must implement Twitter Cards
  3. The tweeting app must be a an official app

So, is there a document around somewhere explains how to implement Twitter Cards on a given media server? How does one get ones app registered as an “official” application?


Is this understanding correct? Where is the documentation for this?