Deactivated accounts data ?!


Deactivated account data … will it still be searchable, countable & applicable to API(streaming) ?

or it will be deletes from database ?!!


I think you might get better answers to your questions if we zoom out a bit more and understand better what you’re trying to accomplish and/or use the data for rather than just answer questions piecemeal without a larger narrative coming together.


My question exactly … What are the types of favorites done by a user that will be counted (the number is low) regardless to the time (not an important factor)

Public tweets, protected tweets, deactivated tweets or tweets of a person he blocked that user ?!!


The “favourites_count” field indicates the number of “favorite tweet” objects the user has created (not necessarily the number of times a user has favorited something).

If a user creates a favorite, it will be counted in that number. If a user destroys a favorite, it will be (eventually) decremented from that number.

If the user has favorited a tweet belonging to a user that has deactivated their account, eventually the tweets belonging to that user will become deleted. Once the tweets are deleted, eventually the favorite objects associated with those deleted tweets will be deleted. Eventually, the number of favorites in “favourites_count” will decrement to note the removed favorite objects.


in case of protected tweets (after unfollowing occurred) … they will be counted

*can i unfavorite a tweet from deactivated account (my right to unfavorite any tweet that I’ve favorited before) ?!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Destroy a favorite for a tweet that belongs a deactivated account ?!!

HOW ?!!


but the data of the deactivated account isn’t deleted so the favorited tweet may be counted ?!!

or i can unfavorite it ?!


It can take time for that piece of data to be cleaned up. It can take even longer for a count to update and be aware of that deletion.

It’s definitely possible that if you don’t know the status ID for the tweet that had been favorited by the protected or deactivated user that you may find it difficult or impossible to retrieve or discover since visibility rules would prevent you from having access to the data now.


i think you don’t understand me

Example: I favorited a tweet belongs to the account X then the account X was deactivated

What i want is to destroy that favorite … it’s a data that belongs me and a part of me rights to destroy it

CLEAR NOW ?! :slight_smile: