Date for full deprecation of User Streams, Site Streams, and legacy Direct Message API endpoints



As we outlined in April, User Streams and Site Streams, along with the legacy Direct Message endpoints, will be replaced by improved products such as Account Activity API.

Today, we are providing notice that on June 19, 2018 we are retiring the following services and endpoints:

  • User Streams
  • Site Streams
  • GET direct_messages
  • GET direct_messages/sent
  • GET direct_messages/show
  • POST direct_messages/destroy

any application, code or script reliant on these endpoints, or consuming libraries that rely on these endpoints, WILL cease to function after this date, and we strongly encourage all app and library developers to update code and documentation accordingly to avoid negative user experiences after this time

Further detail is provided in this blog post.

Please see our two migration guides for further assistance:

We encourage developers to follow announcements here on the forums, and to watch the developer platform roadmap, as we continue to invest in the API platform and to make new features available.

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