Data Types for CRM Based Audiences



We are using the API to create CRM Based Tailored Audiences that contain phone numbers and email addresses. I was previously told that a single Tailored Audience can contain both types of data, but we are unable to see how that can be implemented via the TON API. We first create the Audience and specify a list_type. The subsequent file uploads have no place to specify or modify the list_type of the audience to which they are being sent. Can someone please confirm if these audiences can have only one type of data each?

Additionally, we see in the documentation that CRM Based Audiences can be created with list_type=null. Is this a use case that no longer exists, as list_type is a required field? If so, will we encounter errors if users are trying to update old audiences that never received as list_type?


Hey @radius_addeploy

Apologies for the confusion earlier, however to clarify:

  • A Tailored Audience can only be created from a single data type
  • Re: the list_type, this value cannot be null. Could you provide a link to the specific reference you’re speaking of?

Hope that clears things up!



Hey, it’s an old thread and maybe not the best place to ask, but I am seeing CRM data type Tailored Audiences with list_type = null. We’re not creating the audiences, just consuming them. It looks like they’re being created by Acxiom. Anyway our system is currently choking on these (skipping them actually), because it’s not sure what to categorize these list types as, given that we’d assumed we would always have a list_type.


Hey @JD_Spencer7

That’s interesting. Do you have a few examples of specific audiences that are showing the list_type of NULL ? It would also be helpful to have the Ads account_id as well.



Of course!

Ad account: 1m6wka
Audience id: 2097k

I don’t think they have all that many lists, and it appears that all of them with ‘“partner_source”:“Acxiom”’ have the null list type.


Hey @JD_Spencer7

Thank you for the information! We’ll investigate this internally and let you know what we find.


Hey @JD_Spencer7

Apologies for the delay in response but I wanted to close the loop on this thread. The value of list_type: null are set for legacy Audiences that were created prior to the change making list_type a required field. However, I would recommend that you add some additional logic to read the value of the audience_type and list_type to check for these legacy audiences.

Hope that helps!