Hi all i’m trying to create a little area on a site that will display both the amount of users following a certain user name and the amount of tweets for the same user name, as the actual twitter page itself does

This works fine for ‘followers’ but i can’t seem to find anything about how to get the tweet_count. Has this been removed or am i looking in the wrong place.

The code below works for ‘followers’ but is there a way to easily update this so it works for the total amount of tweets?

I’m a Flash guy and am just starting to learn this stuff, please go easy :slight_smile:

$.ajax({url: '',data: {screen_name: 'C4Paralympics'},dataType: 'jsonp', success: function(data) { var fAmt = ""+data.followers_count $('#followerCount').html(addCommas(fAmt)); } });

Cheers chaps!!


Hi there,

First, you can find out all the fields in a user object here: [node:7287]. You’re looking for the statuses_count value, which is the number of Tweets and Retweets the user has created.

Second, you’re working with v1 API which has been deprecated and will cease functioning in March 2013. v1.1 of the API requires OAuth authentication for methods like this, so you won’t be able to use AJAX calls like this to request the data – you would need to use OAuth.

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