Data set for academic work


We are looking at writing an article for peer review that looks at hashtag trends for crime analysis. I’ve read that we cannot redistribute user or tweet information. How do hashtags fall into the rules and terms of service?

I want to make sure that our data collection method follows the rules.


Data derived from Twitter Content is generally OK – by including datasets for “hashtags” I assume you mean just the individual hashtags themselves, perhaps some counts related to them, possibly Tweet and/or User IDs associated with them, and other metadata rather than the tweet content or objects themselves, correct?


Yes, individual hashtags, counts, possibly some of the information located in the tweet itself (related terminology to the hashtags). User ID is probably useless to the type of study we are doing.

The only other aspect I think we would possibly use is location, but only to try and separate US and European clusters, which may not be possible at all.


As long as you don’t publish geo data specifically (it can’t be extracted or divorced from the tweets its associated with), this sounds fine to me.

You may want to get a more official clarification from platform operations at


Thank you, yes we are looking at publishing only aggregate data, that is selecting tweets from geographic locations only (this is a part of our clustering methodology).

Thanks for the input and the clarity.


Hi, my name is akmal My twitter account was suspended. Apparently I was “aggressively following”. This is when someone follows too many people in to short a period of time.

I didn’t realize what I did was violating the rules when I did it. I have learned from my mistake and will strive not to do it again.

I am not sure how long this suspension will last. Do you have any any idea what to do? I did the appeal things with the “ticket”. Should I just wait and sit tight?