Data resyndication clarification


Section I.4.A in suggests that an application cannot resyndicate data to 3rd parties without written permission from Twitter. However, the two bullet points under it, as we understand, allow applications to share data with 3rd parties under some specific laid down constraints, without having to obtain a written permission.

We would however still like to confirm. Does it mean that providing tweet ID and user ID is all right, and written permission is required in case an application wants to share more data via an API?
Or are the bullet points listed specifically for another reason and a written permission is required even for sharing Tweet IDs and User IDs?


You’ve got the right reading of the rule from what I can tell: You cannot resyndicate Twitter data, but you may redistribute collections of Tweet IDs and User IDs which act as a reference to data obtainable from Twitter.


Thank you, much appreciated!


Hey guys - I might have a similar issue. I’m using a 3rd party platform called Sprinklr. They pull in tweet mentions and followers into their reporting dashboard.

What I’d like to do however is to not use their dashboard, but pull in the twitter mentions and followers into a gSheet doc using GET method. But I get the resyndication error.

Is there anyway around this? Eg, a letter I should ask the third party to write to twitter or anything?

thank you very much!


Hello there -

We cannot comment on applications owned by other developers. You’ll need to approach Sprinklr directly for information on this issue.