Data from Deleted Tweets



My to-the-point question is what should be the difference in value outputs between deleting one/multiple promotion instance(s) of a tweet verses completely deleting the tweet?

For background, I am working on aggregating data for a set of campaigns and have been noticing some interesting API behaviors between different levels of tweet deletion (assuming I am expressing that correctly in the following scenarios).

My personal experience has been varied. The values can seem all over the place. In order to troubleshoot what I’m doing wrong, I’m trying to figure out what a “successful” output would be in these cases, especially compared to the Ads Analytics Dashboard.


For data, on the promoted_tweets endpoints (i.e. for promoted metrics), the deletion of either a promoted Tweet (i.e. un-promoting it) or the Tweet itself should have no impact to the reporting on those Tweets. Data should continue to be available regardless of the state of a Tweet.

On the organic_tweets endpoint, once a Tweet has been deleted, I believe reporting could be impacted.


Thank you for that insight!

I have some more, specific questions on this but as they wouldn’t likely improve this thread, I will start them in another.