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The Admin section since today morning is having a strange problem, it shows a red box on the Admin>Dashbord>Home screen with 5 white Robitic Cartoons with canon bob like image. Following is that the HTML is producing:

[Note: Its is also adding the Twitter Sky/Cloud on to the background of the “Home Screen” on the WordPress Admin section, and only on the “Home Screen” Tab]

<img width="311" height="212" alt="" src="//si0.twimg.com/sticky/error_pages/please_fix.png">

And the image mentioned above is displayed when you access the following link on Twitter as well:


I have checked out my other installations and don’t see anything like this, as I already have the following three installations working on the same domain …


This problem seems to be only on the “English” site (i.e. http://www.majalla.com/eng/)

I’m wondering if this is some soft of a hacking attempt or a virus etc. ? as I have check all the plugins they are all up to date and I don’t have any specific Twitter plugins that are running on my site, but again how can this effect the Home screen in the administration section.

Pls. advice …



The “robot page” (Twitter’s HTTP 500 error page) happens when something exceptional happens when requesting the API. Your widgets all call the API and while normally everything should function fine, occasionally thing go a little amiss. When I view your site here from the Twitter HQ, I don’t see any issues with your widgets.


Hi Taylor,

Thanks it seems to be so. Now it seems working fine. But my question was why did it effect just one app on the server while the rest of the 2 apps were working fine. This did cause quite a stress as got many users who are using the site who started to complain, and I was wondering if the problem was something to do with the Theme or some one trying to Hack in to the server, etc…

Also, if it was a issue with the Twitter API, shouldn’t it also down the other two apps residing on the same server ?

Any way, thanks for the update the problem got resolved after several hours … while I was running in and out to find a solution … :). Hope others who get the same problem can benefit from this, i.e. Don’t Panic, its just the Twitter API gone for a break … :slight_smile: Relax and it should work fine by itself …



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