Dashboard data through API



I m trying to download same data as the Analytics Dashboard using the API and I m having few issues:

–billed engagements column on report doesn’t match the data pulled through API (has lower count)
Sample: .(https://ads.twitter.com/accounts/18ce53wf02o/campaigns_dashboard?campaign=3372537&segment=tweets). Dashboard report returns 265 billed engagements while the API call returns 271 for Jan26th 2015 -using metric billed_engagements to match data.

– I cannot find metric for “unfollows” column on dashboard report

–I cannot find metric for “call to action” column on dashboard report.


The best place to get started with is to have a look at our Analytics documentation. There are a whole bunch of helpful resources, especially our Derived Metrics docs.

You can also see an overview of all the metrics available from our analytics endpoints here, as well as metrics for organic activity here.

While we are at it, don’t forget to have a look at our Analytics Best Practices.

All the aforementioned docs should help you find and get everything you need.


hi andrs

thank you for your reply:

Apparently I don’t have access to this documentation:

can you advise how to get authorization for this documentation. Rest of the links provided I already reviewed them and they don t answer my questions.


Unfortunately those docs are only available to select partners - I added those in case you had access, but it shouldn’t make a difference in terms of what you are asking.

Keep in mind that the Ads API and the Ads UI do not have full feature parity, so some things will differ; for example, some features are API only, while there are things that you can only do via the UI.



Were you able to pull the data from Analytics Dashboard? I am trying to do the same in python and I have errors like 401 - Unauthorized access. Also I am not sure what should be the callback URL.