Daily Status Limit


Today several of my website users seem to be getting “Over Daily Status Limit” errors much more than usual. One even says they’ve been getting this error since yesterday.

I just wondered if something had changed to make this happen?


I just realised it was today that the recent changes came into effect today - I thought it already had as I had to apply for elevated access. I did get a message saying I had been accepted.


Yes, exaclty - our post on the new rate limit enforcement beginning yesterday includes this information.


When I look at the rate limit endpoint, the only ‘used’ ones are:
/application/rate_limit_status: 178/180 (891)
/friendships/lookup: 13/15 (854)
/users/lookup: 899/900 (865)


Oh, so these are rate limits for everyone using the app, not for each individual user?


Yes, these rate limits are enforced at app-level. You can also read more about this in the announcement we made back in July:


Thanks for the reply, I guess I read it wrong and was thinking per user.

One thing that I still don’t understand is that I applied for the elevated access and I got an email back saying it had been accepted, so I thought all would be well.


Our systems don’t show an application for POST elevations coming through until today unfortunately. When did you receive this acceptance email?


I thought I had done it right at the start of this month. And on the 3rd I had an email saying my use case may be in violation of the rules. But after re-explaining the usage, I had an email on the 4th saying “Thanks for applying for access. We’ve completed our review of your application, and are excited to share that your request has been approved.”


At this point, I would suggest applying again to ensure that you do get elevated POST limits.

To submit an elevation request on our API Policy Support Form :
A. Select ‘I would like to apply for elevated POST limits.’
If you do not see this option, you are not currently posting at a rate that would require an elevation.
B. Submit the app details and a short description of your use case


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