Customizing Profile Widget to remove links and add date/time stamp


I would like to use the profile widget on my website but would like to make it as simple as possible. How can I remove the four links underneath my tweets and add a date/time stamp?


A tweet is not a tweet without the actions that surround the tweet – we consider the ability to favorite, retweet, or reply to a tweet are intrinsically important to a tweet’s potency. The timestamp is also necessary to bring greater context to the tweet so that user can find its canonical location on Twitter.


Is it possible to hide my username at the beginning of every tweet? Just trying to make it as simple looking as possible.


hide username

.twtr-user { display: none; }

and YES you can remove the four links

em {visibility: hidden;}

Then if you want to add something for each tweet, you would need to edit their javascript.
I use the widget on my website, and all I got is actually the last tweet, that’s it.


The heading includes “add Date/Time Stamp”, but I did not see that addressed.

I’d like to replace 2h or 15m ago with the actual Date/Time stamp of when the Tweet was posted (or at least when it arrived).

Is that possible, please?

I’d like to see the same thing when I log on to my account at



I see the code you have suggested to hide the username at the beginning of each tweet in the twitter feed / widget but I dont know where to insert that code. Can you help me? I am using the latest twitter feed - it seems to be called New widget version 2.


Won’t this get you penalized by search engines?

.twtr-user { display: none; }

It’s generally not a good idea to hide links this way. It would be better if this could be achieved through a setting in the Profile Widget’s Javascript code.


Hide username