Customised Timeline Display / "Live Tweet" board for use in nightclub/bar - Starting Points?


I would be very grateful for some help in where to start on this, basically I need to create a custom tweet timeline to display on large screens in a nightclub or bar, so that customers can see their Tweets displayed, updated in realtime throughout the night.

I would not need to display the Retweet, Reply etc part of the Tweet, as it would be being displayed on screens in a venue, but obviously the username and name, time and date, avatar, etc of the person sending the Tweet, and the message itself would be displayed. Is this possible to do with a custom header (showing the event name or logo and something like “Live Tweets”) at the top, then a list of Tweets that is being updated, then at the bottom a custom footer with something like “Join In… Tweet @eventname (or the username used by the venue etc.) to see your Tweet here!” underneath the list. It wouldn’t need the search, Who To Follow, etc like when you make a custom timeline through the Widget editor.

Any help would be massively appreciated, many thanks!


Did you ever get an answer to this and / or publish your app?