Customise tweets on wordpress



can you help me in my quest to help make my latest tweets look like this…

my website is…


The mentioned website displays full Tweets side by side.

You can request the latest tweets from an account using the user_timeline API.

The returned Tweets can be rendered as an embedded Tweet by requesting markup from the oEmbed API for each entry to be enhanced by Twitter’s widgets JavaScript, or by calling a widgets factory function for each display area.


Thank you for replying back Niall, however i am not very familiar with javascript. Could you please elaborate on how i can get my twitter feed to look like that on the front page of my website.


You can hire a developer to create a custom solution for you. Or use Twitter’s embedded Timelines with stacked, compact Tweets.

Free or paid WordPress plugins may exist to help you accomplish your goal. This developer forum covers official Twitter products only.