Customise and disaplay a single tweet onto webpage


I used to use the TweetAnywhere api to only display my lastest tweet, as a simple line of text, but with the advent of this being removed and the twitter supplied widgets etc they do not fit within my site design.

Whats the best way to create it so that i receive only the lastest tweet as a json feed so that i can display it and style it as i currently have. Is there still a way i can scrap the url or would i need to create a REST API app in order to achieve this?

If i use the REST API how can i then use it so that the as my site is calling it i do not need to log in to connect to my app it will always display, some think like an automatic log in on page load.


i have the following basic URL:

This would probably suffice, but i notice that it says ‘’ note the 1, is this the version number and therefore will this be cancelled when the api v1.1 comes in properly and so what would the new api link be the equivalent of for the above?