Customer management crisis


Dear friends, to give our customer base support we used a Twitter App integrated with our CRM. Recently you have suspended our app, therefore we are struggling to give our customers the support they deserve. We have applied almost two weeks ago for a “developer account” but nothing happened. Please, we need urgent help !!! Thanks a lot !!!


Twitter have been experiencing issues in managing the numbers of applications they have to process - there are some posts on this forum where they explain that like this post here : Update: The developer account application queue continues to grow . The process seems to be somewhat opaque - so don’t expect communications from twitter about the status of your application. There is a thread about developer account waiting times here Have you been waitlisted for access to a developer account? .


Thank you Mike, yes, we know, but we had to try to get their attention anyway. Twitter is a key channel of our customer service and we need it to be restored ASAP.



You’ll need to raise a ticket via the API Policy support form. We cannot help you via these forums in the case of application suspensions. See this post for more detail.